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The Importance of Practical Life!


The Importance of Practical Life!

Practical life is a crucial part of Montessori curriculum and one that is applicable for all ages. These are not merely an opportunity for your child to learn an essential life lesson but a chance for him or her to gain independence. When taught early in life and followed through in a regular and full sequence these practical life lessons build and create self-discipline. The beautiful thing about practical life lessons is you can do them daily with your child with what is already in your house, no special materials needed! Plus, many times your child will learn these lessons simply by mirroring the behaviors and actions demonstrated to them, so you can get start today. Here are a few ideas for practical life lessons to try at home!

Lessons to try at home:

-Swiffer the floor (pro tip, remove the middle section of your Swiffer to make it an appropriate size for your child)
-Washing hands
-Cleaning the windows
-Pouring a glass of water
-Folding towels
-Cleaning Shoes

A particular practical life lesson that seems to be a favorite is washing dishes. If you don’t have a safe and appropriate way to bring your child to the sink, bring the “sink” to them! Set up a towel on the floor, bring over a size appropriate bucket or bin filled with soap and warm water. Let them dunk dishes into the water and scrub them clean. They can then lay them on the other side of the bin to dry. Water may spill so be sure to have extra towels! Don’t worry your child will help clean up the spilled water. Observe how your child will dive right in and enjoy the “water play” while learning the practical life skill of washing dishes!

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