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Infants (6 weeks-12 mo.)

From birth, children are unconsciously learning about themselves and their environment. Maria Montessori called this part of the Absorbent Mind, “the unconscious learner”. At Montessori Kids Universe, we honor this segment of time in a child’s life by creating an enriching, engaging, and purposeful experience for even the smallest of our students. We believe that play is the work of a child. This work should be purposeful and approachable for each student. Sometimes, the child’s work is holding their own bottle, walking, changing their shirt, or practicing their writing. Knowing that children do not develop or learn at the same rate, in the same style, it is imperative that the child’s environment is prepared for them as an individual.Infant Care Program | Montessori Kids Universe

This individualized care continues as your child ages through the program. Individualized care means each child is on their own path of development. Knowing this, we take great care in educating the “whole” child by providing numerous opportunities to be independent.  When entering an infant classroom, it should be apparent that the children are actively engaged with materials, naturally stimulated by the calming environment, and have freedom to physically move and explore their space.

We are highly aware that an infant child is likely experiencing their first time away from their parents, home, and comforts when they enter our schools for the first time. It is important to us that they feel safe and trusting in their classroom. We mimic the homelife as much as possible by;

  • Following natural sleeping and eating schedules
  • Hosting a variety of materials to stimulate and engage the senses
  • Provide chances for independence (eating, changing, walking)
  • Encouraging self-feeding

In addition to a well-balanced morning routine, all MKU Infant students have access to their outdoor classroom/playground as well. Infants over 6 weeks old are taken outside as often as weather permits so they too can enjoy all that nature has to offer.

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