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Nancy Poulos Boehm is Co-founder and CEO of Montessori School Franchising, LLC. An educator and entrepreneur; Nancy has founded 19 private early childhood schools and is a strong champion of the Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies. Through years of academic research in early childhood education; she observed that children enrolled in Montessori programs achieved much greater academic outcomes compared with children enrolled in traditional childcare programs. Children were not only academically advanced, but also demonstrated a greater sense of independence and self- confidence. Nancy believes the rewards of MKU ownership are great, not only financially, but intrinsically.

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Tom is the Co-founder and President of Montessori Kids Universe®. With an entrepreneurial passion for business development, Tom has exhibited the common denominator of success in his endeavors.

After earning a BS in Microbiology from The Ohio State University, Tom was commissioned as a Naval officer, completing Naval Flight School as a designated Naval Aviator. Earning the rank of Commander, Tom retired from the Navy in 1994, having accumulated over 6,000 air hours and several hundred carrier landings

In his civilian career, he has held various positions in regional and national sales management. He excelled in small business development with his emphasis in sales, marketing and strategic planning.

Working with his wife, Nancy; he assisted in growing a single childcare center into a multi-national chain through startup ventures, acquisitions and mergers of existing schools. These schools provided care for 1,500 children daily with a staff of 100. Through years of experience in childcare, combined with business, sales and marketing expertise the MKU franchise model was born.