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During the summer our children pack their suitcases, grab their passports, and take a fantasy trip through-out the world in our Around-the-World summer curriculum. Our children in Montessori Kids Universe schools immerse themselves into different cultures and traditions from many countries. Children explore cultures through hands on provocations, sensory experiences, foreign language, dress, food, music and special visitors from each country. Our children have “visited” France, Italy, Australia, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and so many more.

Summer culminates with a big cultural festival at which we share all that we learned during our visits with families and our communities. Our students develop an appreciation and respect for each culture they study. At MKU we believe in celebrating cultures which is why no two summers are ever the same. We travel to different countries every year and our students get a voice in choosing which countries they would like to visit.

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