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DaVinci Kids, the MKU proprietary enrichment curriculum was developed with the objective to foster creativity in our children through the arts and sciences. Our enrichment curriculum provides many ways for your child to participate in group projects, igniting their curiosity and developing creative thinking skills. Our unique curriculum focuses on creativity through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) In our program, a carefully planned series of successes builds upon their inner confidence, assuring them that they can learn independently and through creativity. These confidence building activities contribute to your child’s healthy emotional development and self-confidence. The combination of the Montessori and Reggio inspired philosophies, implemented through our DaVinci Kids curriculum reinforces and strengthens the image of the child as a competent, creative and curious person. Our DaVinci Kids curriculum offers an abundance of creative outlets, stimulating projects and social interaction in the arts, science, technology, engineering and math activities.
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