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Montessori Mobiles

Montessori MobilesWhile mobiles are often thought of as a decorative add on in a newborn’s nursery in or used to distract babies in a traditional childcare environment, in Montessori they are one of the first intentional learning opportunities for your baby. There are 4 different types of Montessori mobiles; The Munari, The Octahedron, The Gobbi, and The Dancers. Each one of these mobiles allows for your infant to work on and begin to develop their concentration.

The Munari Mobile is ideal for a baby approximately 3-6 weeks old. Since newborn eyesight is still developing at this stage and vision is still blurred this mobile offers easily distinguishable shapes for the baby to follow. This mobile is black and white and offers contrast for the baby to explore.

The Octahedron Mobile is ideal for a baby approximately 5-8 weeks. At this stage, infants are gradually starting to be able to differentiate colors, although still unable to distinguish nuances. This mobile holds a baby’s attention as all hanging objects are the same octahedron shape but offer a new world of showing bright and different colors.

The Gobbi Mobile is a line of hanging spheres all in the same color but showcasing the gradation of the color by starting light and working its way darker. This is an excellent Montessori mobile for babies roughly 7weeks to 4 months old as that is when their eyesight is developed enough to distinguish differences within one color.

The Dancer Mobile tends to be one of the more iconic Montessori mobiles. It is made of holographic paper allowing them to shine and shimmer in the light. Due to the lightness, they float and move easily creating a beautiful “dancer” for the child to tract and watch. This mobile is best introduced to children around 3-4 months old.