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Benefits of Owning a Franchise vs Non Franchise


Benefits of Owning an MKU Franchise Location

Montessori Kids Universe believes that the top priority of every school should be to provide every child with a good education. In order to fulfill this belief, Montessori Kids Universe operates as a franchise, in order to ensure each of its locations provides a consistent and robust educational experience. The best way to become involved in Montessori’s mission is by becoming the owner of an MKU franchise location. In addition to being able to provide children with the time-tested and prominent educational experience that the Montessori Kids Universe program offers, there are three other reasons for owning a franchise over a non-franchise.

First, when one becomes the owner of an MKU franchise location, they immediately have access to Montessori’s track record of success. Montessori Kids Universe has been operating for more than 30 years and has an abundance of experience in the childcare industry. When one chooses to partner with Montessori Kids Universe and open a franchised location, they have access to an established curriculum and business model that is ripe for success.

Second is brand recognition. When one chooses to open a Montessori Kids Universe franchise, by simply bearing the Montessori title, local families in the community will be much more willing to enroll in this location, as opposed to a non-franchised location. In an article posted on Entrepreneur, Rob Goggins writes that “Consumers generally frequent those businesses with which they are most familiar and comfortable”. The truth is simple. People seek out businesses and items that they are familiar with, due to feeling more comfortable with them. Owning a Montessori Kids Universe franchise enables one to have access to a well-established brand.

The third is through assistance. Owning and operating a business on one’s own can be a scary and daunting task. Fortunately, when one chooses to own an MKU franchise, many of these fears go away. This is because owning a franchise over a non-franchise allows the owner to have access to a variety of support systems. We provide a system of comprehensive training programs, assistance in areas such as administration, sales, and marketing, as well as the tremendous Montessori curriculum. Under a franchising model, the success of the individual franchise is our success, and we strive to be there with the franchise owner through every step of the process.

Becoming the owner of a franchise is the best way to dive into business. Through partnering with Montessori Kids Universe and establishing a franchise, one has instant access to a curriculum with over 30 years of experience backing it, name recognition, and a variety of assistance tools.