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DaVinci Kids at Home

DaVinci Kids at Home!


DaVinci Kids at Home!

DaVinci Kids at Home

During the CO-VID 19 pandemic, you may be finding yourself at home with your toddler or preschooler looking for ways to keep them engaged and happy. DaVinci Kids is a Montessori Kids Universe proprietary enrichment curriculum developed with the objective to foster creativity in our children. Try this at home DaVinci Kids art project to keep your child entertained and growing creatively for hours!

What you will need:

-A large cardboard box (ideally large enough for your child to sit comfortably in, leftover amazon boxes work great!)

-Washable paint, we can’t stress the “washable” part enough. Small paint pods work the best.

-A small paintbrush. If your child would rather use their hands, or fingers-go with it, DaVinci Kids is all about following each child’s interest.


Let your child know you are setting up a special activity for them. This will allow the excitement to build and build their self-esteem as they know they are being cared for. Show them the box and invite them to have a seat inside. If your child says no, listen and try again another time or day. We always want to respect the child’s interest.

Once inside the box present them with the paint and paintbrush. For older children, you may wish to have the paint and paintbrush on a nearby shelf so they can gather those items themselves (fostering independence). For younger children, you may need to show them how use the paint initially, but they will catch on quickly. Then step back and observe! Your child’s face will light up as they begin painting the box, maybe their feet, or mixing colors of paint, etc. Observe and ask questions (what color are you using? What are you painting? What does the paint feel like between your fingers? Etc.). Your child’s answers will allow you to learn more about them and their interests in order to plan future activities they would enjoy. Most of all have fun with them! This is a stressful time and finding daily smiles and laughter with our children is the best way to get through it!

Painting in a box in action:

DaVinci Kids at HomeDaVinci Kids at Home 3

DaVinci Kids at Home 4DaVinci Kids at Home 5