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Creating Stability at Home


Creating Stability at Home

Child playing at homeChange is the one constant in life. With the CO-VID 19 pandemic, everything seems to be changing daily, almost hourly. With so much change and uncertainty in the world, it is easy to feel anxious. As we all know, children quickly pick up on things and feelings, and anxiety about the unknown is something no one wants their child to feel. So it is essential to focus on creating stability at home as much as possible, as it will help your child feel safe and cared for, and leave fear and anxiety behind. Below are 5 tips to help create a happy, healthy, and stable home during the CO-VID 19 pandemic.

  1. Create A Routine. While being at home does allow for more flexibility in your daily schedule or routine, it is essential to create a structure for the day. Strive to keep the same wake times, sleep/rest times, and mealtimes. Keeping the stables of the day allows children to feel safe and secure with knowing what comes next in each day.
  2. Plan the day. When a plan is in place for what will be done in the morning, afternoon, evening, a child feels a sense of importance. They understand that thought was put into the day and will respect their environment more. Planning the day is essential to creating stability at home.
  3. Practice regular healthy habits. Move every day, whether inside or outside, try to do physical movement every single day with your child, yoga is a favorite in our MKU schools! Wash their hands often and frequently, use a child-safe step for them to be able to reach the sink safely so they can do it themselves. Eat healthy and well-rounded meals and snacks appropriately. It can be easy to eat out of boredom, so setting parameters around snacks will help create normalcy.
  4. Limit screen time. While a little more screen time during the pandemic may be inevitable, it is essential to control the message they hear and see. Avoid watching the news when they are around and keep the messages upbeat and positive. Try to save screen time for rainy or cold days when you may be forced to stay inside so it can be an exception and not the standard expectation for daily activity.
  5. Include rest and relaxation in your day to promote creating stability at home. Even when we are home all day, it is easy to fill our days and become busy. It is vital to building in a regular rest or relaxation period, beyond their usual nap. Singing songs, playing board games, reading a book, or simply spending some time cuddling will bring a profound sense of comfort and ease to your entire family.