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create art at home with your child

Art with Household Items


Art with Household Items

create art at home with your child

Have you ever seen a child finger paint for the first time? It is like watching a fire ignite as they feel paint for the first time and begin to explore their artistic instincts. You can create an environment at home by fostering art with household items with your child. Art has been an important aspect of early childhood education for many years. The skills and creativity art helps develop in the child are critical to a child’s overall growth. According to Montessori Rocks art helps children develop things such as; fine motor skills, cognitive development, and language among many others. At Montessori Kids Universe we understand the importance of art and not only incorporate it but focus on it in our DaVinci Kids Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum. Providing an opportunity for your child to work on Art projects at home during CO-VID 19 will help foster their creativity and keep them growing and developing while home.

How can you foster your child’s independence through art?

  1. Keep it open-ended. Provide a blank canvas with multiple art utensils for them to choose from. Let me decide if they want to paint or color with markers or crayons. Consider even setting up multiple canvases; one on the floor, one at their table and one standing to let them decide where they would like to get creative.
  2. Provide Out of the Box Items to work with. Try different art materials then what your child may be used to seeing. If you are out of paint, try making ice cubes with food dye. Instead of paintbrushes try household items like empty toilet paper rolls or dried pasta.
  3. Avoid providing a sample or giving instructions. Set up space but then step back and allow your child to work. Giving instructions or even painting alongside them provides examples of what art should be and may inadvertently limit their creativity.

Art with Household Items:

Getting creative with what you have at home may seem like a challenge but is actually quite easy and fun! A few household items that work great for crafts and art projects include; toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper from packages, wine corks, beads, pasta, egg carton, empty plastic water bottles, paper plates, old buttons, and more!

 Supplies Needed:

  • Empty Toilet Paper Roll
  • Washable Paint
  • Palette (paper plates or egg cartons work great!)
  • Canvas (if you are out of paper, try a cardboard box of white trash bag)


Take the empty toilet paper rolls and fold them into different shapes. We used 3 and created a heart, triangle, and left one as a circle. Other fun shape ideas include a star, square, hexagon, and beyond! Pour the paint on a paper plate or large surface so your child can dip the toilet paper roll into the paint. Then either stamp the rolls onto the canvas to show the shapes or simply use the toilet paper roll as a paintbrush and paint as usual. Allow them the freedom to mix colors, explore shapes, and get as creative as they want!