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Spring-Themed Activity Ideas

15 Spring-Themed Montessori Activity Ideas 


15 Spring-Themed Montessori Activity Ideas 

With the weather changing, the birds chirping louder, and the flowers blooming there are so many reasons to get outside over the next few weeks OR better yet, bring the outside – in! More than just the pastel colors, carrots, and bunny activities we usually see there are so many areas of Spring to reflect on. Browse through these 15 Spring-themed activities we suggest;

  1. Flower pressing – Begin by gathering flowers from outside. Place flowers between two pieces of paper and choose the heaviest books in the house to stack on top. Wait a few days and see what happens!
  2. Create a watering station for plants near the hose. Set up a large, medium, and small container for the child to choose from. Lifting heaving things is great for building confidence!
  3. Listen for birds and use binoculars to find them! Create a map of the yard and put “x”s wherever you located certain birds or create a bird tally sheet for each specie
  4. Add a pump to the water table to keep a continuous stream of water flowing. Instead of “water toys” add rocks, sticks, and leaves to create dams and control the flow of water
  5. Collect pine cones in one area of the yard and create a “critter buffet”, add other acorns, scraps of food, etc. that you have 
  6. Morning yoga Sun Salutations – search “sun salutation a” to see the movements. This can be done in the mornings before breakfast, outside in pajamas! 
  7. Garden “ISpy” can be done in the yard or on a short walk – choose a color before you leave the house and identify everything that color as you can. Draw a photo of it or practice labeling it! 
  8. Cut yarn into several pieces and place in a basket outside for birds to make a nest with. Search the nearby trees for pieces of yarn
  9. Using larger sticks and twine, build a tent in the backyard. Use a sheet to cover the top. Try different shapes of tent to find the best structure and talk about why it’s helpful
  10. Choose 5 books from the house and take them outside. Using chalk, trace the book and use the square to copy a page from the book 
  11. Create a color wheel, gluing natural objects of the correct color to the wheel
  12. Use a hole punch to create natural confetti (leaves work best!)
  13. Buy an assortment of fresh herbs and provide bowls, spoons, mortar and pestle, and large stones to mash and grind. Choose which one smells the best and use it with snack 
  14. Set up a rain gauge, using a jar and sharpie, measure and mark the side of the jar at each 1-inch mark. Create a chart to measure the amount of rain each day. 
  15. Create a weather canvas. Choose a color for each temperature range (ex: 65-68 degrees = blue, 69-71 degrees = orange, etc.) Each day, check the temperature and choose that color of paint (or whichever medium you’re using) to paint one single stripe on the canvas. Add the next color underneath it each day.