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Meet our Pets


Pet Family of Montessori Kids Universe of Hutto:

We (Montessori Kids Universe of Hutto) would like for you to meet our classroom pets! We believe that pets in the classroom are very beneficial to children at this age in development. Respect plays a huge part in the Montessori Philosophy so having pets in the classroom is a way for children to show respect to other living beings. Pets teach compassion, empathy, responsibility, and understanding by simply occupying a space in a learning environment. Having a little friend to care for teaches children the value in life apart from their own. Please see our first Pet family below and also stay tuned as we introduce more pets over the next week!

Hello, my name is Vinci!


Hello my name is Vinci! I was named after Leonardo da Vinci since he plays a huge part in our Reggio Emilia curriculum. Moving from the small pet store container into my fish tank was a huge adjustment for me, but luckily having a supportive teacher she offers words of encouragement often and gives me plenty of plants to swim through. Since my class is the Infant class I am low to the ground, but stay right outside my class so that my friends in the class can remain safe. I teach


my little friends about respect by encouraging them to not tap on my

tank and by allowing the older of my friends to feed me.

Hello My Name is REN!


Greetings my name is Ren, after Kylo Ren! Ms. Madison, the Pre-Primary guide, loved the idea of having a classroom pet and grew up with Bearded Dragons so thought that I would be a good fit for Pre-Primary classroom. I am 4 years old and 


when I was a baby, I lost my two right feet but I don’t let that stop me from conquering the world! Although my class

mates can’t pet me, I’m super excited because they can feed me! Feel free to come in and say ‘Hey!’, just remember to be respectful and not tap on my glass, even if it’s to get those silly crickets to move.

Hello, My name is Fred!


Hello! my name is Fred; named after the late abolitionist Frederick Douglas!
As a young adult Fredrick Douglas turned to the aid of his peers: children! These children taught Douglas how to read and in exchange he fed them as they were less fortunate. From these children he not only received practical guidance on his path to literacy but also moral support in his struggle for liberty.
Douglas once said “It’s easier to build strong 


children than it is to repair a broken man.” This embodies one of the principles that we hold in the Montessori practice today.
I am very happy and cuddly and as a class pet in the Primary classroom, I hope to aid all my friends in educating them on practical life skills, care, and consideration. I love to jump and shout and run around! Come by and watch me play in my habitat!

Bonus info: I am a crested breed and I was born with a hole in my ear flap, that’s my uniqueness now. Guess what, you can identify me in crowd NOW. I mean, well if there is a crowd.

Hello, My name is Pickles!


Hi, my name is Pickles! I am a Leopard Gecko. I have fancy spots across my body that resemble that of a leopard. I was named “Pickles” because of my cold and bumpy exterior- kind of like a fresh pickle. I like to hide in my rock formation and climb through my spikey tree. I like my habitat warm and humid; like

the desert (or Florida). Come by and look at the very special pattern on my skin!MKUHutto-Spotted-Gecko-Pickle-in-PrimaryYes, I am part of Primary classroom here at Montessori Kids Universe of Hutto, how amazing is that!

Hello, We are the guppies!


Just like each person is seen as an individual, so is each of our fish! In our lobby area we have Prince (Green), Swift (Red), Julia (Orange), and Curry (Yellow) all part of the Guppies family. Each of their names originate from famous people who attended Montessori schools. Our Director Ms. Briana is the main caretaker of the Guppies since they live MKUHutto-Guppies-in-Lobby-areasright outside her office. We love the idea of having children explore animals in their natural habitat, since it emphasizes one of our key principles of respect. Next time when you visit Montessori Kids Universe of Hutto, please say HELLO to THE GUPPIES and yes you know the drill by now, no tapping on the glass.

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