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Making Mornings Easier with Toddlers

Making Mornings Easier with Toddlers


Making Mornings Easier with Toddlers

Making Mornings Easier with Toddlers

Some mornings, there’s barely enough time to drink that hot fresh coffee you just made – mainly because you’ve spent all morning getting your energetic or unwilling toddler ready for school. Here are 3 easy tips you can implement now for immediate results.

1. Create a 3-step routine that never changes

Instead of weaving your routine in the background of your toddler’s, start sharing your routine with your toddler. Once your toddler wakes up and they’ve gone potty, let them know their morning routine is starting. Make your beds together first, brush your teeth together next, and then assist in your child dressing themselves. Now it’s time for breakfast! Quick and healthy breakfasts (half of a bagel and a handful of blueberries, for example) are perfect since most students are served a large morning snack around 9-10 am. Do not stress an elaborate breakfast, instead, model table manners and have a conversation about the day ahead.

2. Pick out clothes the night before

Letting a child choose their clothing is an integral part of fulfilling their self-identity. But, sometimes they choose “weather inappropriate” clothing or take 45 minutes to decide. Dedicate a few minutes before bedtime to picking out an outfit for the next day. Layout two shirts and two bottoms as options for them to choose from, this way, you’re both in control of the right things.

3.  Label everything and leave a set at school

Sending an extra set of socks, underwear, shirts, pants, and shoes to school (labeled with your child’s last name) is highly recommended and oftentimes required in many programs. This way, if a tantrum develops at the front door and your child refuses to put their shoes on – they can just do it at school. Montessori teachers are trained on how to curb this “refusal” into purposeful work and commonly experience the “child that’s not interested in putting shoes on”. So, let that fight go!

Montessori schools along with the parents that support them value the independence and the time it takes to master a skill within a growing child. But – not all parents have time to honor that every morning. Creating a stress-free, rush free environment in the morning will set your child (and you) up for a successful and productive day of learning