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Social Skills: A Look Inside Grace and Courtesy


A Look Inside Grace and Courtesy

Grace and courtesy, part of Montessori’s peace education initiative, are among the most important values that the Montessori education curriculum aims to teach students. Learning how to act with elegance and poise when interacting with other individuals has the potential to set students up for lifelong success. Montessori Kids Universe teachers aim to implement the fundamental principles of courtesy, respect, and grace into nearly all lessons. This allows students to simultaneously not only learn new skills but also learn how to go about those social skills with a graceful mindset. Establishing skills in grace and courtesy early on in a child’s education will act as a catalyst for prosperity, enabling the child to develop early socialization and interaction skills, putting them leaps and bounds ahead.

Not only does having strong social skills with respect to grace and courtesy enable the child to develop early interaction expertise, but it also allows the child to learn how to work with members of a team or a group. Today, learning how to work with others in a respectful and courteous manner is essential to success in both school and the workplace. This is why the Montessori method of education works on the development of grace and courtesy to transform our students into the team members and team leaders of tomorrow. Knowing how to work with others in a productive and respectful manner increases productivity and knowledge retention in nearly all aspects of life. Grace and courtesy are the pathways to not only a better person but a better life. And this is precisely what Montessori Kids Universe aims to provide.