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7 Montessori Valentine’s Day Crafts


7 Montessori Valentine’s Day Crafts

Montessori Valentine’s Day crafts are a fun way to celebrate the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. In the Montessori classroom, this is a great opportunity to integrate art, early language, and fine motor skills into the day’s activities. Mixing up activities that kids are already familiar with adds novelty that excites little learners and keeps them engaged.


Flower Arranging


A classic Montessori work, flower arranging can be enjoyed by children of all ages. This activity instills a sense of respect for the environment. It also nurtures the child’s appreciation for beauty and nature.


Heart-Shaped Bead Stringing


Bead stringing is a wonderful fine motor activity that very young children can enjoy. Make this work accessible by using pipe cleaners in place of string. Heart-shaped beads and pink pipe cleaners make it a Montessori Valentine’s Day theme.


Making Mailboxes


Assigning each child a mailbox is a great way to promote the idea of language as communication. This is a key concept for pre-readers. Children can send each other messages or put drawings in each other’s mailboxes throughout the days leading up to Valentine’s Day too.


Montessori Valentine’s Day Heart Cut-Outs


Cutting is one of the best fine motor works. Not only does it develop the small muscles of the hands, but it’s also a key skill in itself. Cutting along the curves of a heart brings cutting to the next level. Children in a Montessori daycare can also take pride in drawing their hearts independently by learning to fold a piece of construction paper down the middle and draw one half of the heart before cutting it while it’s still folded.


Heart Stencil Work


Use colored pencils to trace hearts using stencils. Ideally, heart-shaped insets can be used so that the kids can trace the inside and the outside of the hearts. Shading and overlapping hearts are two ways to make this Montessori Valentine’s Day more creative and interesting.


Heart-Shaped Cookies


Baking projects are always Montessori a win. Older children can learn about measuring while younger children can mix pre-measured ingredients. Heart-shaped cookie cutters add a Valentine-themed step to the baking process.


Montessori Valentine’s Day Themed Weaving Art


Weaving is a fine motor activity that keeps little ones busy and allows them to create fun designs. Construction paper, yarn, and a hole puncher are all you need. You do not need to be Montessori guide to enjoy these Montessori Valentine’s Day crafts!


Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!