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5 Ways to Nurture Your Infant’s Cognitive Development


5 Ways to Nurture Your Infant’s Cognitive Development

A baby brings joy and wonder. As a parent, you get to experience life through the eyes of your child – when everything is new and exciting. An infant’s brain develops at a rapid pace and there are simple but meaningful activities you can do with your child to help his or her cognitive development.

At Montessori Kids Universe of Mason, we implement these activities into our care and early education curriculum at our private preschool. Our approach, which combines time-tested Montessori and Reggio Emilia methods, helps your child learn critical cognitive, emotional and social skills for success in school and life. Unlike traditional daycare, we include enrichment activities including Yoga, cooking, foreign language, music and gardening.


Reading is fundamental for development, especially to infants. Reading will help your baby begin to understand language and sounds. Although he won’t know what you’re saying, he will listen to your voice and watch the words form on your mouth. Be expressive and show emotion. Read a variety of books so she hears a wide array of words and concepts. According to a recent study by The Ohio State University, “Young children whose parents read them five books a day enter kindergarten having heard about 1.4 million more words than those who were never read to. Even children who are read only one book a day will hear about 290,000 more words by age 5 than those who don’t regularly read books with a parent or caregiver.”

Music & Singing

The benefits of music have been well-documented for infant development. It helps with sensory enhancement, social skills, language, emotion and more. You don’t need a formal class to infuse music into your baby’s day. Turn on music in a variety of styles including playful tunes, classical, instrumental or jazz while he is playing or being held. You can also sing lullabies at bedtime, and have a few toys that play music and allow your baby to make simple music, like a piano or xylophone.

High Contrast Toys

Infant toys tend to be in a rainbow of colors, but studies show toys in black and white or with contrasting, bold patterns and shapes are best for baby’s visual stimulation and the infant’s development.


Mother Nature is one of a child’s best teachers. The sights, sounds and smells expand her world and introduce new experiences that you won’t find indoors. Take baby on a walk in a stroller or carrier where he can see his surroundings. Bonus – the sunshine and fresh air help boost both baby and parent’s mood!


Have a conversation with your infant. Tell her about your day – what you did, saw and heard. Don’t worry about what you’re saying but how you’re saying it. Babies are drawn to rhythm, structure and pitch. Even this simple act will have a profound impact on the infant’s development.

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