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5 Best Books for Bedtime


5 Best Books for Bedtime

The benefits of reading to children are well-documented. It helps increase vocabulary, sparks imagination, teaches them about the world, and can establish a life-long love of reading – which helps achievement throughout their school years and beyond.

Although there are many wonderful children’s books, we’ve rounded up our favorite five books for bedtime reading. With simple words and interesting illustrations, these classic books are enjoyable and educational for young children.

At Montessori Kids Universe in Mason, Ohio, we focus on the care and development of young children, who are like sponges and eager to learn. Reading is a way to develop their critical thinking skills and you can help by asking questions as you’re reading such as, “What do you think happens next?” and “What do you see in the pictures?”

No matter which book you choose, it’s a great way to spend quality time. So, grab a blanket and book and enjoy wrapping up the day together with one of the best books for bedtime.

Goodnight Moon

A parent favorite, “Goodnight Moon” was first published in 1947 and remains a family staple. It features a bunny saying goodnight to all the things around him. It’s part of his bedtime routine and as he’s naming all the things in the room, he gets more and more tired – “Goodnight bears. Goodnight chairs.” The sounds of the words and matching illustrations create a lulling rhythm that’s sure to prep your little one for a good night’s rest.

Where the Wild Things Are

This book is all about adventure and imagination. The main character, Max, is sent to bed for making mischief. His room is then transformed to a different land full of creatures called Wild Things. He explores the new land and even becomes king. Kids love the book’s theme of freedom. Eventually, though, Max misses his home and transitions back to his home, where he’s safely in the comfort of his room. Make sure to check out this book from our list of best books for bedtime.

Good Night, Gorilla

Children will love seeing all the animals in this story. A gorilla steals keys from the zookeeper and unlocks the cages of his animal friends. They sneak into the zookeeper’s house and fall asleep. There’s a special hidden balloon inside the book, too. This treasure hunting adds an extra element of fun!

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight

Kids and adults enjoy the illustrations of the mischievous dinosaurs caught doing things they aren’t supposed to at bedtime. “Does a dinosaur slam his tail and pout?” “Does he throw his teddy bear all about?” Your children will shout “No!” Then the book shows what nice dinosaurs do, which is calming and soothing. This story from our list of best books for bedtime is a great start to the evening’s bedtime reading.

Llama, Llama Red Pajama

The “Llama, Llama” books are a beloved series. This is one of the best books for bedtime for children who have trouble falling asleep. After getting tucked into bed, baby Llama gets lonely and wants his Mama, who is busy doing things around the house. He’s reassured that “Mama Llama’s always near, even if she isn’t right here.” This is a great book to help ease a child’s separation anxiety.

It can be difficult in our busy lives to carve out time before bedtime to read, but it’s well worth the effort! If you have any questions about our Montessori Preschool in Ohio or would like to schedule a tour, please contact us at 513-466-8007.

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