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10 Tips to Get Past Mommy Guilt


10 Tips to Get Past Mommy Guilt

Nearly all moms experience “mommy guilt” of some form. Working moms, however, feel the added sting of having to leave their child with a caregiver. The situation can bring a roller-coaster of emotions.
More mothers today work outside the home than prior generations. According to Pew Research, 70 percent of mothers with children younger than 18 were in the labor force in 2015, up from 47 percent in 1975. In fact, mothers are the primary breadwinners in forty percent of U.S. families. To help you assuage some mommy guilt, here are 10 tips:

Turn Your Commute into Family Time

The mundane task of commuting can be turned into bonding time by telling stories, playing games and singing together.

Be Present

Whether at work or home, be present in the moment. Give work your full attention so when you arrive home, you can be fully engaged with your family.

Join a Mom’s Group

Getting advice and support from other moms can be a big boost. Whether in-person or online, mom groups are a valuable resource for sharing experiences and avoiding mommy guilt.

Quality Over Quantity

You’ve heard the saying and it’s true for spending time with your family as well. Twenty minutes of active engagement with your child can have more impact than hours in front of television together.

Acknowledge Your feelings

Some days you may be happy to be at work – sitting at desk in clean clothes lost in a thoughtful task with a hot cup of coffee. Other days, you may be aching to be at the playground with your child. Realize it’s OK to have mixed feelings. You’re not alone and this doesn’t make you a bad mother.

Focus on Financial Security

Many moms must work to support the family financially. And according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, a woman’s earnings plummet by 30 percent after being out of the workforce for two to three years.

Exercise Together

Reduce stress and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunshine while being active together, which can be as simple as a walk around the neighborhood. This will definitely reduce your feeling of mommy guilt!


Many moms feel they must do it all but in order to have more free time, something has to give. This may mean hiring a housekeeper or subscribing to a ready-to-make meal service.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Space can be good and when you come back together at the end of the day, you’ll be all the more thankful for the time you have.

Find Childcare You’re Confident In

This is key to putting your mind at ease but can also be one of the toughest to accomplish. At Montessori Kids Universe of Mason, we understand how difficult it can be to leave your child in the care of another. That’s why we’re passionate about providing learning-based childcare where children thrive in a safe, loving environment. We invite you to tour our preschool in Mason to see our enrichment activities and caring atmosphere for yourself. It may even cure your mommy guilt!

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