MKU Beverly Nutrition

At MKU of Beverly we provide healthy and nutritious morning and afternoon snacks. Parents provide their children with a packed lunch.

Please note that we are a nut-free facility.
Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the health and development of children. Nutritious foods are offered throughout the day to ensure your children get the nourishment and energy they need to learn, grow, and be healthy while in our care. To meet USDA nutrition guidelines, we prepare our snacks in-house, consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food. In addition to providing access to nutritious foods, mealtimes are an opportunity for our students to learn and develop social and self-help skills, which is why they are encouraged to set the table, clear their plates, wash their hands before and after meals, and use child-size utensils while enjoying conversation and interactions with their teachers and classmates.
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