Our goal is to not only grow students academically but socially as well. We aim to teach impulse control and communication through words. We want our students to recognize the importance of friendship and kindness on a daily basis. We look forward to teaching your child and working with you to give you both an amazing, learning-filled year in kindergarten.

Regardless of the starting point, students will be taught in small groups focusing on skills needed to be successful.

The following are areas that will help your children make the transition into kindergarten a smooth one. Students should be able to:

  • Use self-help skills(i.e. feed themeselves, bathroom independently, button, zip, buckle, etc.)
  • Recognize their first name in print
  • Listen and talk about stories that are read to them
  • Share ideas in complete sentences
  • Use tools to develop fine motor control skills
  • Shoe tying

As parents, here are some ways you can reinforce what is being taught at school:

  • Have your child listen to you read daily
  • Review numbers and letters with your child
  • Practice writing their names and numbers correctly
  • Take time to look at your child’s class work and review areas where they have difficulty
GA PreK program in Suwanee GA