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What Sets Montessori Kids Universe Apart? Everything!

At Montessori Kids Universe, we are a unique brand. We are the only franchise in the child care sector that combines the unique philosophies of Montessori with Reggio Emilia.

What Sets our Franchise Apart? Everything!

Our proprietary, DaVinci Kids curriculum, along with STEAM, (science, technology, engineering, art and math) creates a very enriched program for the children we serve. Our goal is to nurture, inspire and educate, offering a high quality learning experience to each and every student. We guide children on the path to independent thinking, equipping each child with life-long learning skills.

Our children are the future of the world and the legacy we leave behind. Montessori Kids Universe is passionate about making a difference in the life of each child.

What Makes Montessori Unique?

The Montessori method focuses on the whole child.

Skills taught in a Montessori classroom:

  • Social Skills. Being able to communicate with peers and self expression is a key part of development and functioning in a community. Montessori classrooms gently nurture each child’s development and personality.
  • Physical Skills. Skills such as motor function are of high importance in a Montessori school. Fine motor skills are needed to write as well as manipulate objects and surroundings.
  • Academic Skills. The MKU method teaches children to teach themselves in carefully prepared environments with nurturing educators. Independent learning leads to high cognitive function and strong self esteem.

the Montessori method focuses on the 'whole child.'

The MKU Environment

In order for independent learning to take place successfully our classrooms are prepared meticulously with every facet supportive to the child. Our environment includes:

  • Prepared Environment. Each classroom is carefully prepared with specific materials. The child has the freedom to make independent choices; with the teacher acting as their guide.
  • The Teacher. Montessori classroom teachers are the child’s guide; moving about the room providing guidance and insight when needed. Each child’s progress is documented daily; providing an individualized path for progress and assessment.
  • The Materials. Specific materials are designed with purpose and are self-correcting. The unique and wide variety of materials provide a very rich learning environment for each child.

We challenge our students to find their inner genius and reach their full potential

It is our mission to provide a top-tier preschool unlike any you have ever seen. We challenge our students to find their inner genius and reach their full potential. Share our goals and journey with us on the road to self-discovery and academic success.