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Looking for a daycare, childcare, preschool, or kindergarten near Effingham, Il? Montessori Kids Universe Effingham is the premier international family of early childhood schools serving infants through kindergarten; after-schoolers, their families and communities. Through our unique learning environment; blending authentic Montessori methodology with Reggio Emilia inspiration, we Nurture, Inspire, and Educate children; fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Nurture, Inspire, Educate

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Montessori Kids Universe Effingham school strives to create an authentic Montessori and Reggio inspired environment by following the highest and best industry practices aligning with the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Instead of sending your child to a childcare, daycare, or preschool, give your child the best environment to thrive with our school!

The best daycare for your child

Infant Child Care

Daycare is great for infants in a loving and nurturing environment. They are exposed to other children and care takers and become more adaptable adults!

Child Care

In a nurturing and loving environment, children between ages 6 weeks-6 years gain socially, emotionally and academically.


Quality daycare fosters a healthy attachment to the caregiver in addition to mom and dad while learning to love and respect other adults. Don’t worry mom and dad will always be number in your child’s eyes!

Preschool (Pre-K)

Our preschoolers are any child from 3-6 years old. They learn everything from social graces and courtesies, practical life skills (dressing, cutting, pouring, etc.), sensorial skills, reading, writing. Additionally; yoga, cooking, music and foreign language.

Your Child Deserves Enriched Day Care Learning


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Call Today! (217) 559-1880

5 Star Care

“We moved our children here after we found that our old daycare was too chaotic and disorganized for our younger son (6 months). We were nervous because our older son (3) had been doing quite well and we weren’t sure how he would adjust. One week in and I can say we are SO glad we made the move, for both kids. The attention and quality of care our kids receive is outstanding. The environment is calming but not sterile, and the space is new and clean. Our sons both seem to be thriving, and I love the activities that they do with the preschool class. This is such a fantastic preschool and we are so grateful it opened”

– Annie W.

5 Star Care

“Well planned with focus, ingenuity, safety concerns, creativity in mind for a total child’s learning experience in this new Montessori School.”

– Sara M

“My daughter is so happy at this school! The owners are amazing and committed to doing things right. The teachers are happy and well cared for, which shows in the care they give the kids. Best decision I’ve made in a long time!”


5 Star Care

“I started working at MKU a month ago so I could get a space for my 2 year old daughter. As an early education specialist of 13 years, this school is spot on. The owners are committed to doing things right and the teachers are happy and well cared for, which shows in the care they give the children. So excited for both our futures here!”


“I highly recommend this school. My 6 month old is thriving here and we could not be more happy!”

– Natasha L.

THE Montessori Kids Universe Difference

More than a Daycare. We Care.


Montessori Kids Universe Effingham, provides a high-quality; authentic Montessori educational environment for children 6 weeks through 6 years. Compared with traditional daycare; a child attending an MKU school will be Nurtured, Inspired and Educated.

Each child will learn independent practical life skills, social graces and courtesies as well as reading, writing and mathematics. The materials and lessons in our Montessori environment serve specific educational purposes while engaging children to love learning. Montessori Kids Universe children benefit from a rich curriculum; foreign languages, gardening, cooking, music and yoga!

Montessori Kids Universe is where children learn to love learning!


Montessori Kids Universe Effingham School Location

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