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Importance of a Montessori education for lifelong success

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One of the main differences between a Montessori education and a traditional one is that the Montessori method focuses on individual learning at a child’s individual pace. Although it may seem as if that would slow the child down, it actually does the opposite. Because students are permitted to explore areas that they are most interested [...]

Current Demand for a Montessori Education

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The demand for Montessori education in the United States is rising at a faster rate than ever before. According to the American Montessori Society, there are currently an estimated 22,000 Montessori programs in 110 countries, and nearly 4,000 of them are in the US. That means that over 18% of all Montessori programs globally, are in [...]

4 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

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Jumping into a new business venture is intimidating, to say the least. Factor in the financial risk, the personal stress, and the knowledge that you’re leaving a comfortable, steady paycheck to pursue the unknown, and it’s no wonder new entrepreneurs lose sleep. But following these tips will help you to avoid the pitfalls so common in [...]

How to find balance between startup and family life

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Entrepreneurship is not easy! In fact, it’s a daunting and time-consuming task. To ensure its success, you must devote all your time, attention, and effort towards your business. In simple words, it means sacrificing personal commitments and putting in extra hours during the weekends as well as holidays. But what about business owners who also have [...]

5 Top Reasons to Advertise

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Businesses use methods of advertising and marketing to fulfill various goals. The main goal is usually to gain more consumers and hence make profits. For a newly established business, the fight for more sales is with large, well established businesses that have a loyal consumer base and a large marketing budget to grab even more prospective [...]

The one skill that can make you a better boss

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What is it that every good boss has and the ineffective one lacks? Here's a hint: it's not a degree or something you can buy. The answer is EMPATHY. This, along with the ability to do the job well, is crucial to working effectively with employees in the best interest of the company. What is empathy? [...]