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Welcome to Montessori Kids Universe Brandon: We do education differently.

So much more than a traditional daycare center, our Montessori preschool in Brandon, FL offers the time-tested Montessori based and Reggio Emilia inspired method of education which places focus on the child’s natural instincts of curiosity and imagination.

The Montessori approach to education empowers students to tackle problems independently and become confident in their abilities, while building valuable skills in areas such as social interaction, problem solving, creative expressiveness, and logical thinking.

Our classrooms incorporate certified Montessori teachers who guide the children in their learning. Classrooms are specially designed to motivate and inspire our students, who are then able to grow and develop into natural leaders and thinkers.

Unlike traditional preschools, our instructors work with the students one-on-one to ensure proper development. Children are encouraged and inspired to act on their curious instincts and learn to solve problems and work with their peers. This approach is shown to enable children to grow into critical thinkers. Every lesson and activity that takes place in our classrooms aim to teach our students skills that they will use throughout their life in order to become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

A Montessori Kids Universe education prepares your child for success. We encourage you to look around our website or contact us for more information on the power that a Montessori education has to prepare your child for prosperity.

3721 Canoga Park Dr. Brandon, FL 33511
~~ Call: (813) 571-3400 ~~

“Best school in Brandon hands down. No daycare comes close to this place, it’s not a daycare it’s an actual school where children learn every day. My child has been to about 10 different daycares in the Brandon area, same story at all of them they give you the story of how they teach kids but they don’t. Montessori had helped my child with counting shapes colors and she is speaking in full clear sentences and has only been there a few months. My only regret about this school is I wish I would have found it sooner”

“This is more than just a daycare, this is my son’s second family. They show him so much love and affection. He loves the staff members. There is not one staff member who is not exceptional. My son is thriving and he learns so much that he brings home from daycare. There really are no words to express my gratitude to them for the care they give my boy.”

“Absolutely love the school! Beautiful facility and dedicated, professional staff. Our son loves his teachers and is blossoming in so many ways!!!”

“My God-children attend this school and I was recently allowed to tour the facility. The highly-educated staff set a tremendous example for the kids, and the bilingual teachers helping the kids expand their language skills at such an important age is an amazing perk. The school is clean, organized, and welcoming. I’ve seen my God-childrens’ personalities grow since enrolling, and the older of the two is constantly becoming more independent and self-sufficient through learning in the Montessori way. I can’t say enough about how lucky Brandon is to have such a wonderful school!”

“So clean, wonderful staff, and happy well-behaved children! Great job!”

Nurture. Inspire. Educate.