The Definition and Purpose of Preschools

Montessori Kids Universe takes a different approach to preschool. We believe that the purpose of a good school is to focus on the intellectual development of the child. Social, physical, and intellectual functioning all come together, allowing the child to develop greater problem solving and social skills. A preschool center should allow children to make connections between the academic disciplines, develop critical thinking skills, and learn compositional and research based skills.

Important facts about our preschools:

  • Montessori Kids Universe is the only Reggio Emilia inspired family of preschools in the US.
  • Trained and certified Montessori teachers and staff guide the learning of our children
  • Low child to teacher ratio to focus on developing the child’s interest in multiple areas of study
  • We embrace and emphasize the time tested Reggio Emilia and Montessori approach to education
  • We encourage children to take responsibility and learn how to work with others and become leaders

Preschools and Child Development Go Hand in Hand

Preschools play an important role in guiding the development of children, as well as inspiring the child’s love for the academics and arts. Preschools allow children to explore a variety of subjects ranging from language arts, to mathematics, to physical and cultural geography, and to botany. Through these courses, children not only have the opportunity to expand their own educational horizons, but to find a passion for something that they love.

Preschools enable children to develop a positive attitude toward school, the various subjects that school has to offer. That is why these goals are a key part of the Reggio Emilia inspired enrichment program and Montessori curriculum used at Montessori Kids Universe preschools.

The benefits of preschool on childhood development are statistically proven. In a study conducted by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) showed that children attending a full-time daycare program did better on mathematics and literacy tests than children who did not. To put it simply, the intensity and duration of the daycare program matter. Similarly, another study published in Developmental Psychology found that preschool programs successfully prepare students for school.

The Importance of a Full Time Preschool Program

A full time preschool program allows children to develop a sense of inter security and order. Children become curious learners who enjoy what they are learning and wish to learn more. A full time program enables the child to be constantly learning new skills, making new friends, and continuing to develop.

Social Development is One of The Core Values of the Preschool Experience

Not only do preschools allow children to be exposed to a variety of academic subjects, but it also allows them to tackle these subjects with their peers. The Montessori and Reggio Emilia curriculum aims to build the social interaction skills of the children, teaching them how to make friends, act gracefully with others, as well as reinforcing conflict resolution and interpersonal communication skills.

Not all Preschools are Alike. Quality is everything.

Montessori Kids Universe is different, and puts the idea of a quality preschool experience above all. Through utilizing the time-tested Montessori and Reggio Emilia curriculum, We are able to  provide a high quality educational experience, unmatched by other preschool programs. Students are able to explore a variety of subjects in great detail, learning to love school and build developmental skills key to lifelong success.

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