What Is a Daycare Center?

Montessori Kids Universe takes a different approach to daycare. We believe that a daycare center should be an intuitive and interactive learning environment that is designed to allow children to explore and become curious and independent problem solvers and learners.

  • Montessori Kids Universe is the only Reggio Emilia inspired family of preschools and daycare centers.
  • Trained and certified Montessori teachers and staff guide the learning of our children
  • Low child to teacher ratio to focus on the individual child’s development
  • We embrace and emphasize the time tested Reggio Emilia and Montessori approach to education

Purpose Of Daycare Centers

While there are many daycare centers around the country, Montessori Kids Universe takes a unique approach. We believe that the purpose of a daycare center is to focus on the child and their natural ability to be explorers and learners, allowing children to explore and learn through their innate curiosity.

Daycare centers should:

  • Inspire independent learners
  • Allow children to be curious and learn from themselves and others
  • Build social interaction and development skills
  • Motivate the next generation of leaders and innovators

All of these skills are part of the Montessori curriculum, the definition of what a daycare center should be.

Importance Of Daycare In Child Development

Daycare centers play a vital role in guiding children toward independence and maturity. Daycare centers have the ability to allow children to become interested and curious learners, who interact with their environment, and develop as an individual.

Daycare promotes the development of children’s social skills, problem solving skills, and creative expressiveness skills. That is why these goals are a key part of the Reggio Emilia inspired Montessori curriculum used at Montessori Kids Universe.

Importance Of a Full Time Daycare Program

A full time daycare program brings children together and allows them to learn how to interact with others, allowing them to develop the skills that they need to be successful in later education, and ultimately in life.

Full time daycare allows children to:

  • Interact with other children and experienced teachers
  • Develop precious social interaction skills.
  • Learn how to interact with their environment and peers
  • Become independent leaders and successful team players

Social Benefits Of Daycare

Because children enrolled in a daycare have the opportunity to interact with so many other children, they are in a unique position to build precious and lifelong social benefits. This is why Montessori Kids Universe takes special care to implement lessons to build social development skills into our curriculum.

Daycare has the power to improve social skills by:

  • Teaching children manners and how to be courteous with others
  • Building interpersonal communication skills
  • Teaching the child how to make friends
  • Reinforcing conflict resolution skills

Benefits Of High Quality Child Care

While there are many child care centers, only Montessori Kids Universe understands the critical importance of providing a high quality and unique educational experience. Through the implementation of the unique and time-tested Montessori based Reggio Emilia curriculum, students are able to build social skills and exercise their natural curiosities to be independent and creative learners.

A high quality child care center also needs a high quality and educationally stimulating learning environment for students to develop and thrive in. That is why at Montessori Kids Universe, our classrooms are carefully designed to inspire a child’s active imagination, promote learning of all kinds, and maintain high levels of social development.

A study conducted by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine Committee on Integrating the Science of Early Childhood Development found that high quality child care is essential in the development of children because neural pathways develop between the birth of a child and the age of three. Therefore, it is critical that children have access to high quality daycare during this critical developmental time, in order to allow the child to achieve their maximum growth potential.

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