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How to Create a Successful Montessori Classroom

Montessori classrooms are serene, happy places designed to meet the developmental needs of each child in every stage of life. Children need change as they move through the stages of development. Through a Montessori education these changes are honored through the preparation of the classroom environment. Montessori prepared environments liberate children’s energy for growth and learning.

It’s Their Classroom!

It is important for us to remember that preparing a classroom for our children needs to meet the needs of the child. Try to see things from a child’s perspective, so that you understand how they view the environment. In a Montessori, prepared environment every part of the room should be beautiful. It is important to use attractive shelves, tables, and chairs. Materials should for the most part be made of “real” wood or products instead of plastic. Children tend to take care of and handle more carefully materials that are made with finer quality products.

Less is More!

Control the environment not the children. Remember that less is more! Keep a clutter free classroom and selectively pick what you would like to put on shelves based on what the children are learning. Crammed shelves tend to cause more chaos and confusion in little minds; making it more difficult for them to make good work choices. The children will be more comfortable and so will you.

Imagination and Creativity!

Montessori classrooms support the development of imagination and creativity at every stage of learning. The building blocks of imagination are established through sensory exploration, imagination, and self-expression. Our classrooms are full of open ended activities, hands on learning, and real life experiences.

Children who receive a Montessori education quickly learn not to rely solely on adults, but rather explore for themselves. This method of learning will instill a great sense of accomplishment as well as instilling the confidence to do things for themselves.

April 20th, 2017

Posted In: Benefits of the Montessori Method