Our Franchise Testimonials

Scott & Christin Bender - MKU Weatherford

“My husband and I joined the MKU family in 2018. We recognized a need for exemplary childcare in our community in 2017, and attempted to start a Montessori school on our own. That process was not short on trials and tribulations, and ultimately we were unable to identify a bank with the gusto to partner with us having minimal experience with childcare. One of the banks that we were talking to had an agent that suggested we look for a franchise with a successful business plan to bridge the gap of our lack of experience. We found that with MKU. In hindsight we could have created a cocktail of failures in trying to start our own school. As the time went on we became thankful for unanswered prayers, and even more thankful that we had a resource in MKU to bridge the gap of our limited knowledge. MKU helped us in finding an outstanding location, negotiating a lease, a tried and true process, and a vendor relationship base that was turnkey. We’re very proud to be an extension of the franchise that will undoubtedly become a wholesale brand in the world of Montessori teaching. Our tenure is short, but the impact that we’ve been blessed to pass on to our community is beyond explanation. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future of our franchise relationship with MKU, and look forward to a long lasting partnership.”

-Christin and Scott Bender MKU Weatherford

Jason & Kimberly McDougall - MKU Homewood

“My wife and I were both working long hours at our jobs while raising our infant and two year old daughters. We rarely saw each other and were basically living paycheck to paycheck. It was almost time to start our daughters in preschool so we began researching local schools and found that tuition rates were more than our mortgage and most of the schools we visited didn’t even offer the quality of education we were looking for. It was time for a career change. We started looking into childcare franchises and found Montessori Kids Universe. As a former Montessori preschool student, I knew the Montessori name and the quality of education that it provided. We met with MKU Franchising shortly thereafter and found that it was exactly what we were looking for. We committed to MKU and with their help we found our location, built our business plan and obtained funding with ease. We are so thankful to all of our staff and teachers dedication to their jobs and the families that call MKU Homewood their school and home. We look forward to a very bright future and are so blessed to be a part of the MKU family!”

-Jason & Kimberly McDougall MKU Homewood

Brad & Jordan MKU

“After staying home and raising our children for 7 years, Jordan was ready to re-enter the workforce.  We began seeking quality childcare for our children and were faced with the stark reality of the childcare crisis in our community.  Brad had also been toiling away at high stress career in Agriculture for several years and was looking for a change that was more family friendly.  After months of weighing our options, we decided WE were going to do something about it.  Due to our lack of experience, we began researching childcare franchises.  After talking to various companies, MKU was the obvious choice.  It is truly a family run company that provides top notch support and expertise.  Through funding, design, licensing, hiring, and opening they were right alongside of us every step of the way.  Taking a chance on ourselves and on MKU was the best decision we have ever made for the security and freedom of our family! For anyone looking for a career change or just looking to start something special for their community, we can’t recommend Montessori Kids Universe enough!”

-Brad & Jordan MKU

Our MKU Testimonials

“MKU Training is absolutely the best I have received as a school director. It provided me with all of the elements and resources to run a successful Montessori school; based on the quality of service, materials, and tools in place to provide outstanding experiences for parents, staff and children. I appreciate the time, dedication, and professionalism of the whole team, and I am honored to be a part of the MKU family!”

Haydee- Head of School MKU Shavano, Texas

“The MKU Franchise model has proven systems in place to support franchisees every step of the way. MKU seems on the surface a small franchise or the “new kid on the block”, however; the team at MKU corporate has vast experience and systems in place making the larger franchise systems look small.”

–  Mistesh and Crissy- Owners MKU Shavano, Texas

“I have been an Early Educator for twelve years and a School Director for 10 years. I have worked in and with many different schools in my career. I have never experienced a corporate culture so healthy. It is obvious that MKU values the experience of the child above all priorities. My daughter attends the location where I am also the Head of School, and neither of us have ever been happier. I you are a potential owner, teacher, Director or family, look no further because MKU gets it right! If I were opening a school this is the company I would choose, hands down. I hope you will join the MKU family so we may offer this excellent education to more children across the country!”

– Nicole- Head of School MKU Short Pump, Va.

“As future owners of an MKU school, we have been nervous about delving into something completely new. We have experience as parents of kids who went through early Montessori education and believe in the value.  After going through this new owner training, we feel so confident that with MKU’s support, we will thrive in this new business. More importantly, we are so excited to introduce Montessori Kids Universe to our community and to provide a holistic and top-notch early childhood education opportunity to the youngest members. MKU has diligently thought through every detail to support their school owners and staff at all of their schools. We love our MKU Family!”

– Mandy and Danny- Owner Fuquay-Varina, NC.