MKU Spring Cypress Team

Meet Our Team

Montessori Kids Universe Spring cypress recognizes that our caring, dedicated teachers are what makes our school so valuable. MKU Spring Cypress recruits and maintains a high-quality staff through an intensive selection and vetting process. We provide on-going professional development and growth opportunities within our school, and foster a healthy work environment for our employees. Meet the most important aspect of our school: Our quality teaching staff!

Mrs. Manola Perez

Head of School MKU Spring Cypress

Mrs. Manola Perez has 25 years of experience working at Montessori schools. She has a Montessori certificate from Panamerican Montessori Society. A degree in Business from Universidad Iberoamericana and Supervision and Administration Units from UCLA. She was born and raised in Mexico, City. She is married with two children, a 16-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. Both children currently attending the Woodlands schools. In 2001, Ms. Manola moved to New York City and worked at “The family school” in Manhattan for over a year. After getting married, they decided to begin their new life as a family in Los Angeles California. Ms. Manola worked for 10 years as a Montessori Lead Teacher and 7 years as a Director at “Mel-O-Dee Montessori ” in LA. In 2020, Mrs. Manola and her family decided to move to The Woodlands, TX. They are very happy and feel at home in Texas.

Mrs. Kelly Alvarado

Assistant Director MKU Spring Cypress

Mrs. Swapna Ganguly

Montessori Lead Teacher Primary A Classroom

Ms. Kaylee Woodruff

Montessori Co-Lead Teacher Pre- Primary B Classroom

Mrs. Shiranee Grero

Montessori Co-Lead Teacher Primary B Classroom

Mrs. Carla Gonzales

Co-Lead Teacher Primary B Classroom

Ms. Iris Garcia

Co-Lead Teacher Toddlers Classroom

Mrs. Rosa Ahmim

French Teacher/ Co-Lead Teacher Toddlers Classroom

Mrs. Rubina Tahir

Co-Lead Teacher Infant A Classroom

Ms. Laura Cantu

Co-Lead Teacher Infant A Classroom

MKU Spring Montessori Staff-Top Preschool-Kindergarten-Daycare

Melinda Pankhurst

Montessori School Director

“Children are our future; let’s teach them and let them lead the way!”
Melinda Pankhurst is MKU Spring Cypress School Director. She was born and raised in Paris, France. Melinda has been living in Houston for over 20 years.
As a mother herself, she knows the importance, and at times the stressful task of finding the right school for the early years of our children’s education. As a Director, she aims to provide a nurturing learning environment.
Melinda is passionate about educating young children. She has over 15 years of experience in early childhood education as an educator and as a school director.
She strives to provide a lasting education to every child that comes through our center, and to make continuous and valuable improvements an everyday priority.
She has a bachelor’s degree in Classical Arabic, and a certification in Business Administration. Melinda is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.
MKU Spring Montessori Staff-Top Preschool-Kindergarten-Daycare

Sarah Bernad

Assistant Director

My name is Sarah Miranda, I am the assistant director at MKU. I was born in France and arrived in Houston five years ago. I am a legal counsel by training, but a couple of years ago, I decided to shift the course of my career and I have been working in early childhood since then. This new chapter has been a wonderful experience. I am delighted to be surrounded by children! My goal is to improve their quality of care on a daily basis and to create and implement a strong curriculum. We have a wonderful team of teachers and I am very happy to be part of the MKU family.

MKU Spring Montessori Staff-Top Preschool-Kindergarten-Daycare

Carla Gonzales

Lead Toddlers

My name is Carla Gonzalez and I am the lead teacher in the toddlers’ class. I was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela. I am bilingual English and Spanish, and I am currently learning some Italian and Portuguese. I went to school in Boston Massachusetts where I got an Associate degree in Communication and I graduated from The University of Wisconsin with a bachelor’s degree in Business.
I am currently working on my Montessori certification.
It was later in life that I found my passion: working with young children, teaching them, and watching them grow and blossom!
I have ten years of experience in early childhood education, the last five in a Montessori environment.
I am looking forward to working with your children, to love them and give them the necessary tools to become independent and see them flourish.

MKU Spring Montessori Staff-Top Preschool-Kindergarten-Daycare

Lynda Boualili

Lead Infants

Hello, my name is Lynda Boualili. I am the lead teacher for our Infant classroom (6wks-12mo) and this is my first year at Montessori Kids Universe. I am the mother of two sweet boys Aylan (7 years old) and Yalas (3 years old). I have been working with young children for 4 years and this brings me much joy! I believe that MKU Spring Cypress is a wonderful school for your child to blossom both academically and emotionally. We are a great team with an incredible passion for teaching and caring for our little ones. I feel very proud and lucky to be part of such a great team. During my free time I enjoyed cooking, organizing, reading, shopping, singing, dancing, and watching TV.

MKU Spring Montessori Staff-Top Preschool-Kindergarten-Daycare

Shirin Dhamani

Lead Primary

My name is Shirin. I was born and brought up in India. I moved to the United States when I was twenty years old.
When I had my first child, I decided to stay home and become a full-time mother.
While raising my daughter, I got passionate with the fact that about 80% of human brain development occurs during the first three years after the child is born. I went back to school and received my AMS (American Montessori Society) certification in Early Childhood Development and Care.
Montessori teaching philosophy has been my passion ever since.
I also got my Child Care Director’s Credentials and Certificate. I am so proud to being able to guide young minds and help them blossom.
I live with my mother, my husband, my daughter Aaliyah and a Beta fish Twilight. My eldest daughter Tamanna is doing her bachelor’s at MTS University.
I love to travel which has given me wonderful opportunities to work with diversified groups of people. I’m fortunate to be part of Montessori Kids Universe and work with amazing people around me.

MKU Spring Montessori Staff-Top Preschool-Kindergarten-Daycare

Ting Yuan

Teaching Assistant / Chinese Mandarin Teacher

Ting Yuan is a Teaching Assistant and Chinese Teacher at Montessori Kids Universe at Spring Cypress. She is certified in Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED. She is also certified in Mental Health First Aid. She graduated from Jilin International Studies University with a bachelor’s degree in English and French in 2014. After graduation, she worked with children who had disabilities at a non-profit organization in Beijing before moving to Houston with her husband. Her passion is working with young children. She is a lifelong learner and would like to become a fully certified teacher in the near future!

MKU Spring Montessori Staff-Top Preschool-Kindergarten-Daycare

Samira Zegrour

Teaching Assistant / Floater

Hello, bonjour!

My name is Samira Zegrour. I was born in Algeria and I moved to the USA in 2014.
I speak four languages. Berber, Arabic, French, and English. I am a lawyer by trade. During my studies, I worked with young children in different school settings in Algeria, and I loved it! I also have two beautiful young daughters. Working with young children is a passion. I am fortunate to work at Montessori Kids Universe where I am a teaching assistant and floater. My goal is to become a lead teacher and to obtain my Montessori certification in Early Childhood Development.