Meet the MKU Johns Creek Montessori Staff

About MKU Johns Creek Montessori Staff

Our MKU Johns Creek Montessori Staff, provide a nurturing learning environment to Nurture, Inspire and Educate your child.

Shweta Shah - Owner

Shweta lives in Johns creek, GA with her family. She was born in Mumbai, India and moved to GA in 2007, where she now lives with her two sons and her husband.
She holds a Masters degree in Science and Research. As a Montessori parent, she quickly fell in love with the teaching style and approaches used in classrooms. As a parent, she would go in as an observer and was amazed and proud at the independence in young children through different activities.
“ I started my Montessori school because I wanted to create an environment that was inspiring and engaging for children. A school that gears towards work and research of Dr. Maria Montessori as I believe in her philosophy very strongly”

Ms. Dana


Ms. Dana was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to Atlanta in 2016. She attended college at Ball State University where she received two undergraduate degrees in Human Psychology and Child Development.

Dana’s journey in Child Care Education began during her internship where she started a nursery for military families. Post graduation, Dana was given her own classroom at a Reggio Emilia inspired school. She was promoted to Director of Operations/Head of School at Village Montessori, Indianapolis where she joined as the Admissions Director in 2014.

Prior to Montessori Kids Universe, she worked at Harbour Oaks Montessori, while going through her Montessori training at the Montessori Teacher Education Institute of Atlanta in 2016.

Mrs. Indra - Pre-K lead teacher and a veteran

MKU-JohnsCreek-Mrs-IndraMrs. Indra is our Pre-K lead teacher and a veteran. She was born and raised in Chennai, India and holds 3 Master’s degrees in the field of education. She is Montessori certified for primary and elementary programs and has been with the school since 2009 prior to which she worked in two other Montessori schools. She strongly believes that Montessori teachers are the dynamic link between the children and the prepared environment and is seen working as a guide, facilitator for her students to create an atmosphere of learning and enhance their critical thinking. Her favorite classroom activity is morning circle times where she enjoys the social interactions with her students. Both her children attended Montessori schools while growing up. She currently lives in Johns Creek with her husband and two kids. She is an avid fan of cricket and tennis sports.

Mrs. Roopica - Pre-K co-lead teacher

MKU-JohnsCreek-Mrs-RoopicaMrs. Roopica is our Pre-K co-lead teacher and a parent. Her journey to the Montessori environment started as a parent 10 years back. Since then she has been very involved with volunteering for several school programs. Following her certification in childcare for primary program, she joined MKU in the year 2017. She brings lot of experience with students of different age groups, backgrounds, developmental progress and personalities. She is a supporter of role-playing and believes that it’s important that teachers respect and protect their student’s independence and are encouraging without the use of rewards or punishments. She lives in Cumming with her husband and two kids. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, watching movies and spending quality time with her family.

Mrs. Suganya - Primary classroom lead teacher

MKU-JohnsCreek-Mrs-SuganyaMrs. Suganya is our Primary classroom lead teacher. She was born and raised in Chennai, India. She has completed her schooling for master’s in education and childcare along with teacher training in India. In 2002 she moved to Georgia with her family where she completed her Montessori certification in Primary program and has been a teacher since 2009. She has worked at three other Montessori schools prior to working here and had also been a Georgia Montessori Pre-K lead teacher in her previous role. She is a passionate follower Montessori philosophy and believes it to be a very strong base for a child’s foundations to grow into independent and kind human beings. Her favorite classroom activity is creating practical life exercises, prepare environments and teaching -participating in them with the students. She currently lives in Johns Creek with her husband, kids and lovely dog Abu. Her favorite activities are collecting souvenirs and listening to music.

Mrs Uma - Primary classroom co-lead teacher

MKU-JohnsCreek-Mrs-UmaMrs Uma is our Primary classroom co-lead teacher. Throughout her career in education, she has many years of experience as a Pre-K teacher and a paraprofessional in a special need’s classroom. She joined the MKU family at the beginning of the 2019.  Mrs. Uma spends the mornings keeping the peace within the environment. Teaching language is her favorite part and believes that Montessori Language activities at young ages are vital and designed to improve a child’s vocabulary and listening skills. Mrs Uma enjoys painting, listening to music and gardening when she is not in the classroom. She lives in Suwanee with her husband and two kids.

Mrs. Parul - Toddler classroom lead teacher

MKU-JohnsCreek-Mrs-ParulMrs. Parul is our Toddler classroom lead teacher. She has completed her schooling from Ahmedabad, India and has childcare training in infant-toddler age groups. She has over 5 years of teaching experience with kids from 6 weeks to 10 years.  She believes in an everyday Montessori approach and works to create a child centered, calm environment that helps her toddlers to learn and share. She believes that Toilet training is a valuable task and is an important part of her classroom to help with child’s developing self-esteem and growing independence. She lives in Johns creek with her husband, two daughters and a cute dog Snoopy. In her free time, she likes to read and cook family favorites.

Mrs. Sudha - Toddler classroom co-lead teacher

MKU-JohnsCreek-Mrs-SudhaMrs. Sudha is our Toddler classroom co-lead teacher. She has over 10 years of experience in early childhood care in the Infant and Toddler age groups. She previously operated her own child care center in Indiana for many years before her move to Suwanee, Georgia.  During this time, she read about the Montessori principles and got interested in the Montessori system of teaching. In her new role at Montessori Kids Universe, she has adapted perfectly to create maginative environment for our young toddlers. She enjoys providing creative lessons on language and arts in her classroom. In her spare time, Ms. Sudha enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters Sharnikha and Saanvikha. Her hobbies include painting, listening to music, and travelling the world. Her favorite parts about teaching are watching the child smile and enjoy those special moments.

Ms. Chelsea - after-school and Da Vinci Kids teacher

MKU-JohnsCreek-Ms-ChelseaMs. Chelsea is our after-school and Da Vinci Kids teacher. She has over 15 years of experience teaching young children, primarily in a special needs setting. Her biggest hobby is vegan cooking, baking, and making her own natural skin care products. MKU students enjoy creating elements and learning different skills as part of her creative STEAM led projects.  Her love for reading, energy, kindness and patience blends great with Montessori foundations. She is a big football fan and in her free time she loves to visit libraries. Her favorite part about teaching is reading stories to the children.

Ms. Pan - Lead Teacher for our DaVinci Kids ART program

MKU-JohnsCreek-Ms-PanMs. Pan is lead teacher for our Reggio Emilia based DaVinci Kids ART program in the afternoon time. She is a graduate from school of Visual Arts in NYC and in addition to teaching at MKU, she works for a galleria in NYC. Over the years, she has volunteered at many elementary schools in the area and found her passion in childcare and art education through it. She brings in the creative energy and has been a keystone in designing monthly units for DaVinci Kids. She believes that all form of art is tied with Montessori goals that helps children with concentration and coordination. As a teacher, she trusts that art education is more about the process and a child should feel connected to that final piece of creation rather than doing a frame-worthy product. She is also our Mandarin teacher and leads a fun interactive curriculum at MKU. She lives with her husband in Alpharetta and enjoys exploring new restaurants, watch movies, and traveling.

Schedule a tour of our facilities to meet our Johns Creek Montessori staff and look over our campus.  See with your own eyes the combination of the Reggio inspiration and Montessori philosophy reinforces and strengthens the image of the child as a self confident, creative and curious person.