Infant & Toddler Programs (6 Weeks – 2 Years)

The Nido (Infant) Curriculum focuses on fostering basic trust in the child, one of the most important goals of a daycare education. Foremost in the environment is the adult who’s caring, respectful response to your infant’s needs, both physical and psychological, conveys the message of unconditional love and acceptance. Elements of the Montessori Kids Universe program are incorporated into the carefully designed infant environment for the purpose of exposing the younger children to typical Montessori materials.

The youngest members of the Montessori Kids Universe Hillsborough community are kept in the Nido (Italian for “nest”) which is designed with a special movement area specific to this age group’s needs. In this space, the children have access to Montessori materials designed specifically for infants, a quiet sleeping area with individual beds/cribs, an eating area equipped with child-sized tables and a physical care area for bathing and changing. Primary goals during this stage include the development of movement and independence, important aims of a daycare education.




Full Day Kindergarten

Summer Camp

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