A different approach to education: Montessori Kids Universe offers a unique curriculum and educational philosophy that encourages the natural growth and development of the child.

At Montessori Kids Universe, we believe that children are natural learners and are full of curiosity from a young age.

This is why the unique and time tested Montessori Program incorporates the education philosophies of Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori.

The Reggio Emilia approach was founded by teacher and humanist Loris Malaguzzi. It encourages students to express themselves in creative, symbolic, logical, and imaginative ways. Combining this intuitive approach with the philosophies of Maria Montessori, results in an incredibly effective approach to education which places an incredible focus on the child’s ability to become independent and creative learners.

This Montessori method allows children to become interested and curious learners, who are able to interact with their peers and their environment in a thoughtful and respective manner. Our prepared environments, which contain everything from cooking, to gardening, to yoga, are designed in such a way that allows the child to naturally explore and learn on their own, building not only the independence, but the imagination of the child. Our certified Montessori instructors work with the children on an individual and group basis to guide and nurture the learning process.

We truly believe that one learns by doing. Our children, with guidance from our certified staff, are able to expand their horizons, allowing them to become the creators, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow.




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