Why Montessori Kids Universe

The unique educational model of Montessori Kids Universe combines the time-tested Montessori Program and the innovative Reggio Emilia philosophy of education in order to inspire creativity, independence, and critical thinking in our students. Under these dual philosophies, your child is able to develop into a confident and curious learner who is prepared for success later in life. Our certified Montessori teachers act as mentors along your child’s path to academic, social, emotional, and developmental enrichment.


Reggio Emilia Inspired


Montessori Kids Universe is proudly offering the powerful DaVinci Kids program, our unique approach to the Reggio Emilia inspired arts and science program. The Reggio Emilia method of education consists of the basic principles of respect, responsibility, and community through the facilitation of exploration and discovery in a supportive learning environment that allows the child to grow and develop in an independent and creative manner. Montessori Kids Universe believes that children are “knowledge bearers”. Because of this, children are encouraged to share their opinions, thoughts, and ideas about most nearly every topic of discussion initiated throughout the day. By fostering curious and independent thinkers, a strong foundation is built for children of a Montessori education to be the successful critical thinkers and innovators of the future. Montessori Kids Universe and the DaVinci Kids program embrace the robust Reggio Emilia philosophy which is based on:

  • Children having some control over the direction of their learning
  • Children being able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, and observing
  • Children having relationships with their peers
  • Children having the ability to explore and critically think about the environment around them.
  • Children having infinite ways in which they can express themselves

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