The Education Market: An Unparalleled Profit Machine

The flourishing childcare market is expected to remain strong. With such strong national trends in child care, all predictors indicate the demand for child care centers will continue to grow. Franchisees entering the childcare education sector, especially Montessori programs, will continue to be in demand and remain a sector of growth for years to come.

Such growth has been empirically proven by researchers at the Child Care Exchange. In the groundbreaking “Twenty-Eighth Annual Trend Report” of the Child Care Market, released by Roger Neugebauer of Child Care Exchange, it was revealed that the child care market experienced an unprecedented profit margin growth of over 5 percent in one year alone, spearheading a period of growth in said market that continues to this day. Most importantly, in 2015, the year that the study was released, researchers observed that “franchise child care had become the fastest growing segment of the child care marketplace”.

In an updated study released last year, the “Thirtieth Annual Trend Report”, researchers noted that this growth trend in the child care market was continuing. Franchise organizations are currently growing at a faster rate than company-owned organizations, making the franchise model an incredibly stable and lucrative investment. The analysis is clear– research proves that over the past several years, the child care market has continued to grow and procure higher profit margins and this trend will continue.

This conclusion is not exclusive to research firms. In a 10 year employment projection released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the government reports that the “health care and social assistance sector… will account for almost half the projected job growth from 2010 to 2020.” More specifically, child day care services are listed on the government’s list of the fastest growing industries. Empirically, child care services are expected to experience job growth of up to 30 percent. New jobs created in the child care market come as a result of growing demand for child care centers, such as Montessori Kids Universe locations.

There has never been a better time to invest in and open a Montessori Kids Universe franchise. Not only do comprehensive annual trend studies indicate positive growth in the child care market, but the U.S. government reports that the child day care sector is set to become one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Become a franchisee today.