Franchise Opportunity

A Montessori preschool allows for an excellent return on investment. With over 25 years of experience in the private preschool industry developing dozens of locations, we know exactly what works and what does not. Montessori Kids Universe is a unique franchise in that our model offers an authentic Montessori education combined with our pioneering of a Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum. Combining the two educational philosophies gives our locations an edge over our competitors and provides a more wholesome educational experience for our students.
Becoming a Montessori Kids Universe franchise owner allows you to have a level of professional independence while also having access to a strong support system. Additionally, it also allows you to make a profound impact on your community and on the sculpting of young minds. Early childhood education greatly influences a child’s future success in school and later in life and with more and more studies finding that to be true, the demand for education-based preschools is increasing quickly.
As a leader in the early childhood education industry, Montessori Kids Universe offers a franchise opportunity that is unparalleled. Take advantage of our unmatched franchise model, our exceptional support system and the high demand of early childhood education. Call today to learn more about Montessori Kids Universe and how to begin your journey as a franchise owner!

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