Montessori Method

The Montessori Method is an educational philosophy developed more than a century ago by a medical doctor in Italy, Dr. Maria Montessori. Through her research Dr. Montessori discovered a unique methodology observing how children learn at an individualized pace.

The Montessori Method fosters individuality, allowing each student to follow their own interests in a carefully prepared classroom environment. Students develop a self-driven pace and independence, and are guided to higher skill levels as mastery occurs. Conversely, students needing more time for mastery are not pressured by peers.

Social Graces and Courtesies are a fundamental component in our Montessori Kids Universe schools. We believe in modeling and treating children with respect and courtesy. We understand that a certain level of independence is necessary to create curious minds and independent thinkers. With that granted independence, children follow their own interests and are also guided. As we model respect, our students develop respect for themselves, their classmates, teachers, classroom, community and the universe in which they live.

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