///Montessori and Reggio vs Traditional Education
Montessori and Reggio vs Traditional Education 2018-07-29T17:37:36+00:00
Montessori/Reggio Inspired Traditional
Active Individualized Learning: Student centered stimulation through hands-on materials and discovery-based projects. Passive Class Learning: Teacher centered class learning with paperwork
Working at One’s Own Pace: Each child works at his/her own potential independent of the class, moving ahead quickly as they are ready Group Learning: Each child is directly affected by the progress of the whole class
Independence: Students are encouraged to make good decisions, confidence is promoted and opportunities are given to choose work based on interest Dependence: Activities are initiated by the teacher and are the same for everyone
Concrete Based Education: Uses hands-on materials and first hand experiences so students understand their work creating naturally goal-oriented students Abstract Education: Learning through memorization and intangible concepts
Self-evaluation: Students use self-correcting teaching materials and evaluate their individual work with the teacher, promoting self-confidence Class Comparison: Students evaluate themselves against the group and standardized tests are used to measure progress