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Lunchtime Learning – Prepare Your Child’s Lunch Montessori Style! 

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A Montessori education strives to help children master the skills necessary to meet fundamental needs. Parents can support this objective at home with simple activities like helping children pack their lunch for school each day. A Montessori-Style Lunch You can support your children’s education by encouraging them to implement some of their newly-learned skills at home. [...]

The Importance of Free Play – It’s OK to Just Play

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Is your child getting enough unstructured play time each day? With the very scheduled lives that most children have these days, it’s important to fit in some free time for your preschooler. Not only does it give your child time to unwind, but her intelligence and creativity are further developed during free play as she figures [...]

How Poetry Engages Young Children

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Remember how much you loved poetry as a child? The songs, the nursery rhymes, the rhythm and meter of sing-songy poetry that engrained itself in your brain and that you can still recall to this day? Poetry is powerful, and in the Montessori classroom, that power is recognized. Poetry Speaks, a large volume of classics encased [...]

How Behavior Can be Influenced by Sensory Processing Disorder

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Behavior problems in school interfere with the educational process for all students in the classroom. If your child’s behavior is getting him in trouble at school, it may be due to issues with sensory processing disorder. What is Sensory Processing Disorder? Sensory processing disorder is a condition where the brain has difficulty receiving and responding to [...]

Stop the whining!

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Research has confirmed whining as the most annoying sound to the human ear. Unfortunately, parents of preschoolers face the sound of whining on a regular basis.  Most agree that whining is a habit that they hope their kids will break soon. Have you ever wondered why kids whine? Is it purposely or unintentionally? What is the [...]