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Nanny vs Preschool

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When parents are looking for childcare options, they often discover that they have two main choices: hire a nanny or enroll their child in a preschool. While hiring a nanny may seem like a compelling idea, once one has had the chance to compare the benefits against the negatives, enrolling your child in an established and [...]

A Look Inside Grace and Courtesy

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  Grace and courtesy, part of Montessori’s peace education initiative, are among the most important values that the Montessori education curriculum aims to teach students. Learning how to act with elegance and poise when interacting with other individuals has the potential to set students up for lifelong success. Montessori Kids Universe teachers aim to implement the [...]

Summer Camp

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As a person who attended summer camp for most of my youth, summer camp memories are some of the best I have. Spending days with my friends, learning from the counselors and just getting out of the house, made for incredible memories. On the contrary, the one summer I spent without camp I remember feeling trapped [...]