Our main goal is to develop every child’s natural love of learning. We are proud to provide a prepared environment where our students engage in meaningful work under the guidance of our highly-trained educators and staff.

We follow the traditional Montessori Method with the belief that cognitive development is the product of interaction between the individual and the environment. Because of this belief, we have an authentically designed prepared learning environment. We recognize that children learn and adapt individually and therefore stress the importance of adapting the curriculum to a child’s developmental level. Our goal is to spark a child’s interest in learning, thereby helping them to become lifelong learners. Our school strives to assist children in personal development, as well as educational development.

Integrating our program with our DaVinci Kids curriculum, Reggio inspired influences dedicated to free artistic expression, is vital. Because of this belief we have created a beautiful space with plenty of natural light solely dedicated to letting imaginations roam free.