Toddler Classroom

Exploring the world…

pic_toddlerYoung children are eager to explore; using their bodies, senses, and emerging problem-solving skills to learn about and make sense of their world in the ways most meaningful and effective for them.

Toddlers are happiest in a constant state of motion.  Toddlers have newfound abilities and a strong desire to “do it by myself,” yet they seek an ever-ready avenue for retreat and reassurance as their intellectual, physical, and social skills blossom.

Montessori Kids Universe Toddler Programs provides a safe, nurturing atmosphere, allowing for a child’s freedom of movement and learning directed by a child’s interest.  Children experience cognitive and motor development by hands-on activities at an unhurried pace.  They are given time to become captivated by a concept, and encouraged to develop their potential in their own time.

When children learn at their natural pace, the need for artificial rewards and punishment disappears.  When children are guided by an adult sensitive to their needs; but free to explore, children gain self-confidence and self-discipline, creating a strong foundation for all future learning.

The first few years of a child’s life are critical to the development of personality and intellect. Toddlers actively seek out information, and are especially interested in demonstrating independence.

As teachers engage and guide through individualized attention; children are responsive and begin to develop skills in:

  • Sensory and Perception
  • Self-help skills
  • Language development
  • Physical and Motor Skills
  • Emotional Growth
  • Social Graces and Courtesies
  • Self Confidence develops