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The Real Results of the Montessori Method

The Montessori method;  is an academic and social philosophy teaching through innovative structured educational materials, social skills, and personal development techniques. The Montessori learning environment cultivates achievement through independence; personal effort and character versus measurements of comparison.  The North American Montessori Teacher’s Association; ( NAMTA) estimates there are 4500 Montessori schools in the United States and over 22,000 worldwide. At the heart of the Montessori method is the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori who believed in developing the character of a child in addition to academically educating the child.

The Verdict

Since the inception of  Montessori, there have been observational studies and tests comparatively in the educational system as a whole.  The Montessori philosophy has  been studied and researched in depth among its educational peers; comparative teaching styles and methods.  In evaluating  the research; the first point that stood out is the students that were Montessori educated had a greater creative advantage that had been nourished and cultivated. Often times within traditional education, we see a race to the finish that does not allow for talents and skills to be optimized. The Montessori philosophy implements a nurturing;  thriving environment where these natural abilities are able to flourish.

The national statistics for ITBS and MAT testing have shown a significant percentage of students within Montessori schools to be ranked inside of the top percentiles in the nation. Scientific studies and statistics have increased awareness of the benefits of a Montessori learning environment. Several studies have indicated the development of  the student’s social graces and courtesies is optimal as the percentages rise with driven results.  Respect and a non-competitive environment is fostered in a Montessori classroom;  becoming a way of life.

Statistics show students who have a Montessori education have been proven to:

  • Achieve higher grades
  • Hold literary prominence
  • Thrive with creative endeavors
  • Have heightened social skills
  • Show minimal behavioral issues
  • Display increased awareness of surroundings
  • Demonstrate eighty percent higher academic achievement
  • Achieve eighty-nine percent increased chance of college entrance
  • Seventy percent (70%) more likely to achieve success in chosen career
  • Forty-five percent (45%) higher likelihood of recognition in creative endeavors

August 10th, 2016

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