Nancy Poulos Boehm

Nancy Poulos Boehm is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Montessori School Franchising. A teacher, entrepreneur and researcher in the field of early childhood education; Nancy has founded, owned and operated 19 private schools.
A creative, enthusiastic and high-achieving entrepreneur, Nancy is a strong champion of the Montessori philosophy with a desire to make a difference in a child’s life. Through her research she became intrigued by the Montessori pedagogy. “The outcomes observed in the children, compared with those in traditional childcare programs, were astounding. Children were not only achieving academic advancements, they demonstrated a greater sense of peace, security and self confidence.”

“I am very excited to share my experiences and expertise with others who are seeking the joy in owning your own Montessori school. The rewards are great, not only financially, but most importantly the intrinsic joys and rewards in doing work that will change a child’s life. That is priceless.”

Thomas J. Boehm

Tom is the co-founder and President of Montessori School Franchising; and is the head of sales and marketing for the company. Throughout Tom’s personal and professional life he has exhibited the common denominator of success in all of his endeavors. Tom has a passion for business development and small business ownership.

Tom; retired from the Navy as a commissioned Naval officer and carrier aviator. During his Naval career he was selected as the Commanding officer of three separate commands. He retired from the Navy with the rank of Commander, accumulating approximately 6,000 hours of pilot time and several hundred carrier landings.

In his civilian career, he has held various positions in district, regional and national sales management. He has excelled in development of small business and his expertise includes sales, marketing and strategic planning.